CineQube National Short Film Festival


  1. The Registration application form alongwith film must be submitted online. We prefer online submission. However if you are facing problem in submitting online please submit the form online and get a printout and send with the film in DVD via post.
  2. The format of short film must be
  3. Format of film for Online : Format : mp4, Ratio : 16:9, resolution : 1280*720, Max size : 500 MB, Time : 7-15 Minutes
  4. Format of Submission by DVD : PAL, Format : MPEG4, Resolution : 1280 * 720, Frame rate : 24/25 fps, Ratio : 16:9, Audio : 48Khz, Size : Maximum : 500MB, Time : 7-15 Mts.
  5. Any other specification will be liable to be rejected. Festival Management will not be responsible if film is not screened due to problem with the DVD format or any physical or digital error or delay in reaching the entry.
  6. If you are submitting through DVD by post please insure that DVD is properly packed and two nos. of DVD is sent. Please also send the copy of Form Printout. Each DVD should be labelled with the Film title, running-time contact E-mail and phone number and sign of the producer/owner.
  7. The publicity material may be sent along, if you wish to send. If the film is submitted online the posters images may be sent via email and the hard print may be sent alongwith DVDs. Entry materials submitted shall not be returned to the entrant.
  8. The film can be Documentary, Experimental, feature film, Narrative, Fiction, Non Fiction or Animation but the film must be available on DVD presentation or preview purpose for Technical committee, Selection committee and Jury panel. .
  9. The Festival does not have particular theme, filmmaker can make film on any genre he/she want.
  10. Total running time of short film must be less than 15 minutes in length, including logo clip, front and back credits but not less then 7 Minutes.
  11. The short film can be in any language or any genre. All non-Hindi films must have Hindi/English sub-titles for festival presentation.
  12. Multiple entries can be submitted, but each entry will be submitted as a separate entry with complete set. There will not be any nexus with other entries. Each film is considered as a new entry.
  13. Organization has complete right to use the Entries / Send / Selected / Nominated films, DVD and materials from the film for festival promotional purposes and to retain DVD copies of each film as part of our festival library.
  14. Films once selected & submitted for final screening will not be allowed to be withdrawn under any circumstances until festival is over and no claim, action, notice in this regard will be accepted. In case of exceptional case the same will be allowed to be withdrawn by paying a compensation of Rs. 2500/- (Rs. Two thousand five hundred only) to the organisers.
  15. No cost, expenses, claims, compensation whatsoever including but not restricted to transportation, conveyance, travelling , postal expenses, making or any related expenses, insurance, costs of DVDs, related documents, photographs and publicity materials whatsoever shall exclusively be borne by the applicant only. Under no circumstances organisers will be responsible for expenses, costs, losses or damages or late submission of material in transit.
  16. As soon as the submission is made the the Organisers will automatically get vested with all digital and physical rights / authorities / ownership / copyrights / claims / on the said material and film and everything will get vested perpetually and worldwide into the The Organisers and its associates unconditionally, free from all encumbrances and without any kind of liabilities towards any party directly or indirectly related with the project or film and without any obligation, liabilities whether governmental / taxation or otherwise whatsoever. The producer / owner will settle all dues, liabilities, claims, taxation liabilities or any other liabilities or payments, if any, remaining in the project or film whatsoever even after the transfer of ownership under this presence and The Organisers will get ownership in all and true sense without any dues or liabilities on his part and simultaneously the ownership and all rights of the owner / producer will immediately get extinguished on submission and The Organisers will be fully entitled to dispose off, sale, exhibit, release or do anything with the said film. Any compensation received by the the Organisers, if any, by Sale or from Youtube only will be shared @ 50% with Producer / owner after deducting all expenses, promotional expenses, cost, charges, losses, damages, cost of festival whatsoever as may be incurred by the Organisers in this regard. No claim or objection will be entertained by the Organisers in this regard and the decision of the Organisers will be final and binding on everyone.
  17. There is a non refundable entry fees of Rs. 300/- for the participation but if anybody wants to keep ownership or copyrights with him an amount of Rs. 800/- will be payable in advance. Under such circumstances the rights and ownership will remain with the producer/ owner but no promotion or Income participation or any effort will be done by the Organisers to promote such material / film. However in every entry the organisers reserve the right to affix the logo, promotional clips etc. of the organiser company/companies, its brand and/or sponsor at anywhere in the film to be displayed continuously. The logo clip of the organisers will be downloaded and attached at the start of the film by the producers. Without fulfilling this condition no entry will be accepted whether rights have been transferred or not. The entry fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumastances whether film is accepted or rejected or for any reason not reached to us or whatsoever.
  18. The entry needs to be submitted so as to reach on or before 31st December, 2017 and with late fees of 300/- on or before 10th, January, 2018. Any deficiency or incomplete or delayed entries will not be entertained and entries complete in all respect will be eligible for entry in festival. Organisers are not responsible for late, lost, damaged, misdirected, postage due, stolen, copied or misappropriated entries. Entry Forms with incorrect / inadequate / illegible / ambiguous particulars will not be considered. The festival committee reserves the right to accept or refuse any film without assigning any reason whatsoever and decision in this regard will be final and binding on all and no claim in this regard will be entertained under any circumstances. The entry fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances whether entry is rejected, cancelled, incomplete, damaged, delayed whatsoever.
  19. If the film has already been uploaded on any Internet channel, website, youtube or otherwise, the same shall be first removed from the location and when there is no existence of such movie at any other place then only the entry can be submitted.
  20. Entry once submitted for selection will be considered as final and no changes will be entertained after submission. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to submit entries without any physical / quality defects.
  21. The competition is open for professionals as well as students. No separate section for any segment of filmmakers.
  22. All the entries submitted will be first placed before a screening committee who will verify and scrutinise the entries and will select for the display and exhibition at the Festival. All the entries selected by the screening committee will be submitted to the Jury Board. Winners will be selected by this Jury Board which will consist of industry professionals, independent producers, production companies, filmmakers, and other film industry professionals who may be substituted at the discretion of the Festival organizers. However, Festival Authorities reserve the right to accept or reject any film that is likely to offend sentiments, feelings or sensibilities of any caste, community, religion and sector and / or likely to promote racism or ill will in the society or in anyway not acceptable due to any social, political or other issues.
  23. All films are judged equally based on: Content Originality (Quality of storyline, and script), Production (Camera work, lighting, and shot composition), Post-Production (Editing, transitions, pacing, continuity, and flow), Image (Focus, colour, and lighting), Sound Quality (Clarity, consistency of audio levels, and lack of noise)
  24. The decision of selection committee is final and binding on everyone and no claim, correspondence, objection, review whatsoever will be entered in this regard. The Finalists will be notified by mail and/or email. The Organisers will use its best efforts to announce the selected films, winners at the designated time, but will not be responsible or committed for any delays.
  25. By entering the festival, contestants and/or their parents or legal guardian (if such entrant is a minor) are bound by the rules and regulations and decisions of the Festival and its judges which are final and binding in all matters. The Submission by minor will only be accepted if submitted by Parents / Legal Guardians who will submit the application in his/her name as producer.
  26. The Festival Authorities / Organisers reserves the full rights and authorities to exhibit, display, organise theatrical or other show on commercial / non commercial basis in different cities of India and all content will be uploaded on any Television network / Internet / Youtube / Organisers website or on any media for any purposes whatsoever. Entry constitutes permission to use, for commercial or non commercial purposes, the winner’s name, likeness, his/her voice, personal informations, contents of the film/ entry in full or in part, publicity material, promo or posters whatsoever for any kind of purposes including but not restricted to future advertising, publicity purposes without any compensation. Under any circumstances no compensation, charges, expenses, profits, claims will be given for any entry. Any entry if not selected for show may be exhibited by the producer by paying a fee of Rs. 500/- in this regard. The selected entries will be exhibited without any fee.
  27. Entrant agrees to be bound by all terms of these official Festival rules and regulations as established herein. The Organisers reserves the right to extend the Festival dates or any arrangement for any reasons, if needed, whatsoever. The rules and regulations may be changed / altered / modified without assigning any reason and can be done without any individual information or at any time however the same will be displayed at the site of the event in advance. The entries submitted before such changes will not be affected.
  28. Short films that are submitted must be the entrants’ original work and has not been displayed anywhere anytime and shall not infringe on any copyrights or any other rights, authorities, claims, intellectual property rights, moral rights, publicity rights of any person or any third parties. Entrants will solely be responsible and liable for all suits, damages, claims, liabilities, consequences, legal actions, expenses, compensation and will also liable to pay to the Organisers also all cost, charges, damages, opportunity loss, loss of reputation whatsoever. The defaulter entrant will have to face all legal actions in this regard. By submitting the entry the Contestants also declare, confirm and undertake that they have obtained all required permissions from all there crew including artists and all technical crew in all respect including but not restricted to regarding music, sound and/or images, story, places, or anything which require any kind of permission, license etc. whatsoever presented in their short film. The entrants also confirm and declare that they have paid all cost, charges, fees, expenses, duties, taxes and all other liabilities before entry is submitted and the entry is made free from all liabilities whatsoever. Any consumption of Alcohol, cigarette, tobacco will be displayed with the caption in the seen as “Alcohol/tobacco/cigarette consumption is injurious to health”. By entering the Festival, the entrant agrees that the Organisers under no circumstances will be held liable for any copyright infringement, lack of permissions, license or any kind of irregularities or deficiencies or lapses whatsoever required to be perpetrated by entrants. The entrants will also be liable for prosecution for violation of any Indian law. Racial, religious and regional discrimination shall not be portrayed in any part of the film being submitted.
  1. Winners will be required to sign and submit required affidavits and documents before appearing in the prize ceremony in absence of which the prize may be cancelled and may be given to the next entrants. All original documents etc. may be called at any time to verify the details and informations submitted by the entrant. Affidavits of winners under 18 years of age at the time of award must be countersigned by parent or legal guardian. Affidavits are subject to verification by the Organisers.
  2. Any member, employee, director or member of Juri Board, organizing and selection committee members, are not allowed to participate in respective festival as a contestant.
  3. The Filmmaker/Producer does not have right to use the name, logo, sign etc. of the organisers or its associates “The Organisers” its official and festival Logos, Laurels without prior written permission of the Chairman of the organisers.
  4. No person other then legal owner / producer of the film can submit and sign the entry. All entries submitted by the person other then legal owner/producer will be liable to be cancelled. In exceptional cases and as a matter of exigencies the entries can be submitted by other then owner with the prior written permission of chairman of Sans Group only.
  5. No person other then legal owner / producer (Only one person) will be in touch with the organisers. Organisers will not entertain any other person for any query, discussion, dialogue or for any other matter other then legal owner or producer under any circumstances.
  6. Private screening will be at the sole discretion of the organisers and will be possible only on the payment of requisite fees, cost and charges as may be decided by the organisers.
  7. The decision of the organisers, screening committee, jury in any matter and situation will be final and binding on the participants and no claim, damages, suits, liability, requests whatsoever will be entertained under any circumstances.
  8. The submission of entry evidences the acceptance of all rules and regulations unconditionally. By submitting the entry the entrants confirms, declares, accepts, and abide him/herself with all the rules and regulations and system of the festival.
  9. All the legal issues, disputes, if any, on any matter shall be under the exclusive jurisdiction of competent authority and court at Indore (M.P.) only.

~End Of Document~