1. Go through with the rules and regulations.
2. Prepare the film as per the technical specifications given (For technical specifications refer Rules)
3. If film has already been published or uploaded somewhere, first remove it from other locations and insure that it doesn’t display or remaining anywhere and you have not transferred, sold its ownership/ copyrights to anybody and you are still the owner of the same.
4. Download the logo clip of organisers and attach at the start of the film .
5. Make the payment of entry fees first. If you want to transfer the rights and promote your film pay Rs. 300/- or else pay Rs. 800/-.
6. Keep ready all information about you, about payment made and about film.
7. Upload the film online. If you find any problem in uploading you may send it by Post on DvD. However for various reasons we prefer online submission.
8. Fill up the form with payment details, film submission details and other details and submit the same.
9. After validation and verification you will get a confirmation email after 2-3 days. If u don’t receive the same please call on the helpline number to know the status.